The Guy from “Windows” he say “omg”

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Got this through from my dad this morning:

Guy called on landline yesterday saying he was from "windows" asking if I was aware that my computer was being seriously affected by viruses (don't think he used that word) and wanted to access the computer whilst I was sitting at it. I didn't feel convinced he was real and asked him to email his request and contact details. He said "OMG" and that he couldn't do that. I said I hadn't noticed any warnings or deterioration on my laptop. He said OMG again and that Windows couldn't email it's customers every time it notifed them of a problem. I ended the call What do you think?

Thankfully, dad is not easily fooled and didn't give the guy access but I have no doubt that someone will be fooled by it. I haven't read about this particular attempted fraud anywhere else but am sure it is happening. Anyone else experienced this?