The Greggs croissant story

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I made a quick comment to the BBC about this story highlighting the fact that it appeared to be just a press release and got a great reply back from the business editor. The link shows how the story was changed very quickly after publication.
On another note, looks like a very useful site.

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Dear Mr Whittaker

Many thanks for your e-mail.

I can only concur – when I spotted the story on Wednesday morning on the
website, I had it changed immediately.

The story now focuses on the company's results.

I believe it is ok to mention that Gregg's is now selling croissants and
similar fare, not least as this is not the kind of food that one would
associate with this store chain.

But the original headline and lead of the story was clearly not in

I have had words with both the author and the sub editor who published
the story.


Tim Weber
Business editor
BBC News – interactive + radio
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COMMENTS: This is not a news story, it is a regurgitated press release.
Absolutely ridiculous…
Simon whittaker, UK