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Potential MPs in North Down & Green party & #debill

Posted by on Thursday, 11 March, 2010
I have made contact with all the potential members of parliament for North Down to be added their mailing lists. So far the only person to contact me back is Steven Agnew from the Green Party. I have asked him for his views on the #debill and received the below in response. It is great to see a party engaging with constituents and I found his views very interesting.

from Steven Agnew <Email Obfuscated>
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to Simon Whittaker <Email Obfuscatedt>
date 11 March 2010 14:26
subject RE: Digital Economy Bill
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Hi Simon,

 I know a number of genuine musicians who are against this type of legislation.  Artists want their music to be heard, record companies want to make money.

 I think that a site like Spotify strikes the right kind of balance but I accept the points in your letter to Sylvia Hermon; that there is a problem of transferring music between different formats and issues around sharing music which is very much part of the music culture.  I myself still make mix tapes but then I have always been a bit of a technophobe.

 There’s no doubt that the internet has revolutionised how we listen to music and is a threat to the big labels which can only be a good thing for genuine music fans.  Indie labels are more able to adapt and move with the times.

 Hope this gives you an idea of my own personal views.



Steven Agnew
Research Officer
Green Party in Northern Ireland

Room 253, Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Belfast, BT4 3XX.


More #debill letters

Posted by on Tuesday, 2 March, 2010

Having read this link I
have contacted the Lords concerned with the following thoughts:

Dear Lord ???,

I have been following with great interest the passage of the digital
economy bill through the house of lords and have enjoyed watching the
debates on BBC democracy live and the accompanying conversation on
twitter( I have been impressed
with the fight against some of the motions put forward by the
government and I hope that this continues. The measures in the bill
regarding disconnection, mandatory blocking of a free/open internet and
abuse of photographers copyright are dreadful from a technical, legal
and moral perspective. The rights of individuals are being trodden on
by a government obsessed with control.
I have been made aware that there is an amendment due to be tabled in
the morning which will allow entire sites to be blocked if they are
accused of infringing
copyright( ).
In my view this gives the government of the day frankly Orwellian
control over what we are allowed to see, use & do on the internet. In
my view it is a bad amendment to a bad bill and should not be suggested
to a government which has too much power already.

I hope you will consider this before the debate on Wednesday and I will
be watching with interest.

Yours sincerely,