Open rights group and net disconnection(AKA Mandy luvs geffen)

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I received this email from open rights group and wanted to share it, am not convinced that a phone call is the way forward but will be writing to my mp with a similar message using

Next week, plans to disconnect music fans who download music illegally
will be introduced by the government, as part of their Digital Economy

This plan won’t stop copyright infringement and with a simple
accusation could see you and your family disconnected from the
internet – unable to engage in everyday activities like shopping and

Call your MP today on 020 7219 3000 and tell them this simple message
– ‘if you vote for disconnecting net users, that may change how I vote’.

We have a few days to show this (and any future) government that they
can’t mess with the internet – just ask the 600,000 people recently
blocked access to their Xbox live accounts. Any of us could easily be
next. ‘If you vote for disconnecting net users, I will vote against
your party at the next election’.

The message is simple – MPs now need to decide how much they need YOUR
vote. Please call 020 7219 3000 today and once you have made the call
update us here to tell us if your MP cares about keeping your vote.