#Nextfail & #tcs

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I was just trying to buy my wife a present on Next and have
encountered what I believe is a really sneaky way of doing business.
Basically the idea is this:
*You visit website
*You buy presents for wife
*Get to checkout and fill in details
*Choose option for “Don’t send me the next directory and charge me delivery”
*Tick the box with the red asterisk next to it that you have read the
terms and conditions
*Proceed to payment — Oooops!!
There is no proceed to payment – in the background they have performed
a credit check and given you a £600 credit account which will be
charged at 26%APR should you not pay it off directly. 26%!!!!
I realise that I should have read the t&c’s when purchasing from a new
place online so I went back and started to setup a new accont to test
where in the procedure they tell you that this is happening. The
answer is nowhere….. The link to the terms and conditions links to
some kind of QA/QC environment called pilot.next.co.uk which requires
login(see screenshot) – changing it to www.next.co.uk enables you to
see the t&cs.
So I phoned up to try and cancel the order only to be told this is not
possible to do until the goods have arrived and will have to be done
over the phone. I also made clear my displeasure about the setting up
of the account and the credit check and was informed that you can pay
“cash” by reading the t&c’s – I have so far been unable to do this but
might just be me.
My lesson from this is always to read the t&c’s before clicking agree
but I do feel that Next are being at best sneaky and at worst tricking
people into taking out an account with the possibility of getting your
26% interest.