New laptop setup

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Finally I think I have my new(to me) laptop setup in the way that I
want it. I have wanted to use a linux workstation for a long time to
experience it and see how it works in real life instead of just a
file/mail server etc here and there in the office. I do still love osx
as well but am looking forward to giving this a try.

 My setup is as follows on my macbook pro 3,1

 OSX installed in 1st primary partition with refit installed to give options
ubuntu installed in a second partition
A third partition which will be used to share information between the 2 os’s.

 As company standards dictate that we must have encrypted drives I have
used truecrypt to ensure this. Unfortunately truecrypt will only work
with FAT or ext2/3 and FAT doesn’t support over 4GB files so a
secondary(and unfortunately paid for) solution is required. I found
this which works very
well and integrates seamlessly.

 So far I have found the following to be problems with my ubuntu
install and many of them are to do with 64bit I believe.

 Skype sometimes doesn’t recognise my audio and requires a bit of love
and attention
Flash (even the new 64 bit version) requires me to run it as sudo
otherwise it will just die with a seg fault.
Network Manager – sometimes kills the wifi connection and then won’t
connect again
Adobe Air took a bit of care to install

 What works brilliantly:
Almost everything else 🙂

 I’m still running OSX for things like iPhoto and iTunes but will be
trying out ubuntu as my primary OS for the next month or so.