Letter to MLAs re #irisrobinson

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Dear Leslie Cree, Brian Wilson, Peter Weir, Alan McFarland, Alex
Easton and Stephen Farry,

I’m writing to you today with regards to the recent allegations
against the first minister and his wife. While I understand that a
great deal of the details of the case require further investigation
and may be of a personal nature I do believe that this further
investigation is vital. If the facts of the case play out as alleged,
in my opinion, the position of Peter Robinson as first minister
becomes untenable. I feel that an enquiry into this should be
conducted by an independent all party group and during this time Mr
Robinson should temporarily stand down awaiting the result. This does
not imply guilt but ensures that an unbiased investigation can take
place. The major issue for me is not the affair but the fact that Mr
Robinson was aware of the loans and failed to take action in the
appropriate manner, I wonder if Mr & Mrs Robinson had not employed
family members that a whistleblower would have made these allegations
public more quickly.

I hope that we can rely on you as MLAs to make this takes place.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Whittaker