I have written to my MLA’s about the #deact #debill to suggest Assembly condemnation

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I sent the below email to all of my MLA's to suggest a motion which would condemn the pushing through of the Digital Economy Act at washup. While this will simply be a statement it would at least highlight the issue.

Dear Brian Wilson, Alex Easton, Stephen Farry, Alan McFarland, Peter
Weir and Leslie Cree,

I am writing to you today to discuss the Digital Economy Act which has
recently passed through Westminster. If you are unaware of the issues
that this raises for companies and people throughout Northern Ireland
there is an excellent resource available on the open rights group
website as well as on the 38degrees blog. I have also made some
comments about this act on my blog, all links are listed below.


I realise that while this is not a part of legislation that the
Assembly are able to repeal I believe that action can be taken which
would enable us to at least have a say. My suggestion would be that the
NI Assembly could put a motion forwards which will condemn the
undemocratic pushing through of this important piece of legislation
which could have such a fundamental change in how we all interact and
use the internet.  I would be very happy to arrange a meeting at your
offices at a convenient time to discuss the Digital Economy Act and
it's ramifications on all of us with you in greater detail if this
would be of use.

Yours sincerely,