How to waste £6 (I saw 2012) contains spoilers

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Just back from seeing 2012, I really wish I’d listened to the review from @simonmayo’s show before going. It is genuinely one of the worst things I have paid to watch(and I’ve seen teeth). A few people walked out but we stuck it to the end and regretted it greatly. I generally enjoy watching blockbusters like this, really enjoyed independance day and deep impact for instance, but this was just plain dreadful.

It was too long
Why does saving the rich that couldn’t get on the ark make the government better people?
Did anyone care the Russian girl died or that she had an affair with the pilot?
Why did John cusack have his tie on throughout?
The plot
The writing

Two great lines “it’s Russian heh” “don’t try it, it is a suicide mission”
Some of the special effects
There won’t be a sequel