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Have edited my FOI request to BIS re #debill to try and get the
information I am interested in.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Simon Whittaker
Date: 17 June 2010 21:31
Subject: Re: Freedom of Information Request 10/0699 – Internal Review

HI David,

Many thanks for your respose, what I am interested in discovering is
the process by which the Digital economy Bill was modified to include
items such as net disconnection and the incredible powers which Lord
Mandleson wanted to be granted to Secretary of State and which were
quite sensibly refused by the due process, I am also interested to
discover if it was planned to always implement this as a washup bill.
Therefore, I would like to rephrase my request as:

Please can you provide all communication(such as memoranda, email &
minutes of meetings) relating to the proposed digital economy bill
from August 2009, September 2009, October 2009, & November 2009 which
included Sion Simon, Lord Mandleson or Stephen Timms as participants
or recipients.

Many thanks


On 16 June 2010 09:59, REMOVED wrote:
> Simon
> I am unclear whether I replied to this.  I believe I started to do so, but can’t see an email in my sent box, so may not have finished it.
> Laura Williams has moved on to a new job now and so she wouldn’t be handling any further FOI requests about the Digital Economy Act.  If you send any adjusted request to me then I will pass it on to an action official.
> To be frank though, I really doubt that there is any information of the sort you are seeking to find at BIS or DCMS – for example we don’t hold any information at all about what Lord Mandelson may or may not have done other than as Ministerial business, for instance in his private capacity.
> Hope this helps.