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Bluetooth permissions on updated Translink mLink application

Posted by on Wednesday, 14 October, 2015

I contacted Translink about the new bluetooth permissions required for their mLink application on Android and received the following response:

The Bluetooth permissions are part of the location services support pack and is used to increase the speed of initial location fixes that we employ in finding your nearest station.

Furthermore change builds in support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that may be used in future with BLE beacon technology.

In the future, we’ll be implementing the new Android Marshmallow granular permissions mechanism so that users can select which features they are happy for the app to use, however this will likely not happen until the API’s for this are more mature and have a higher adoption rate across devices.

They also responded later with this:

Can I ask however, as a user, do you feel that this specific information or information of this nature should be published/made available to all mLink users either in-app or on the web as a matter of course  – as opposed to hearing about it from a third party source?

We are always keen to learn if there are any areas that we can improve upon particularly communicating technical information of  this nature.

Excellent work from Translink in coming back with a useful response in a timely manner.